Each World Recreational Fishing Conference (WRFC) has built on previous conferences, creating a collective body of knowledge and peer reviewed  publications in the growing discipline of recreational fisheries science. The conferences have helped develop a collaborative global community of researchers, managers, NGOs, industry representatives and government regulators that are developing and standardizing research approaches while working towards solutions for recreational fisheries issues.

History of WRFC

WRFC8 – July 16-20, 2017 – Victoria, Canada
Theme: Balancing Values, the future of recreational fishing around the world
Host: The Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC, in cooperation with the Sportfishing Institute of BC
Attendance: 396 delegates from 21 countries

WRFC7 – September 1-4, 2014 – Campinas, Brazil
Theme: Change, transformation and adaptation in recreational fisheries
Host: State University of Campinas and Federal University of Uberlandia
Attendance: 209 delegates from 17 countries

WRFC6 – August 1-4, 2011 – Berlin, Germany
Theme: Toward resilient recreational fisheries
Host: Humboldt University in Berlin, IGB Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries, the German Anglers Association, Besatzfisch in cooperation with the Museum für Naturkunde, Leibniz-Institute
for Research on Evolution and Biodiversity, Humbolt University Berlin.
Attendance: 290 delegates from 33 countries

WRFC5 – November 10-13, 2008 – Fort Lauderdale, USA
Theme: The angler in the environment
Host: International Game Fish Association (IGFA)
Attendance: Delegates from 22 countries presented 150 oral papers and posters

WRFC4 – June 12-16, 2005 – Trondheim, Norway
Theme: Fishing is life – building partnerships across boundaries
Host: Norwegian Institute for Nature Research
Attendance: Approximately 200 delegates from 25 countries

WRFC3 – May 21-24, 2002 – Darwin, Australia
Theme: Regional experiences for global solutions
Host: Fisheries Group, Department of Business, Industry and Resource Development
Attendance: 196 delegates from 12 countries.

WRFC2 – June 1–4, 1999 – Vancouver, Canada
Theme: Evaluating the benefits of recreational fisheries
Host: Fisheries Centre, University of British Columbia
Attendance: 63 delegates from 8 countries

WRFC1 – June 11–14, 1996 – Dublin, Ireland
A symposium on social, economic and management aspects of recreational fisheries was convened in conjunction with the nineteenth session of the European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission (EIFAC).
Attendance: 119 delegates from 23 countries.

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