Host organizations and motivation

Sportfishing is one of the most important sports in the Netherlands. Eight percent of our population is fishing every year. Furthermore it attracts thousands of tourists because we have a simple license system and some good fishing waters, freshwater as well as marine waters. Organizing the WRFC Online will be a way to get all knowledge about recreational fishing to the Netherlands. Below you find our partners and our motivation to host the WRFC.

Hosting organizations

The conference will be hosted by the Royal Dutch Angling Association ‘Sportvisserij Nederland’ in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, the Wageningen University and Radboud University Nijmegen.

Sportvisserij Nederland supports and advises over 800 angling clubs in the Netherlands with membership administration, restocking and maintaining fishing waters, animal welfare issues and fishing lessons at public schools. Sportvisserij Nederland is a member and chair of the European Anglers Alliance (EAA) and a member of the Dutch Olympic commitee and sports federation (NOC-NSF). It also works together with several environmental organizations.

Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
The ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality is responsible for the commercial and recreational fisheries policies in the Netherlands. Together with the fishing industry and the recreational fishing sector, the Dutch government aims at sustainable management of fishstocks and fishing methods. The Ministry is also responsible for issuing required commercial and recreational fishing permits.

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
The ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is responsible for infrastructure as well as the quality of all governmental waterbodies (i.e. the
goals of the European Waterframework Directive) and therefore stakeholder in  fisheries management and improvement of water systems.

Universities of Wageninigen and Nijmegen
Wageningen Marine Research, Wageningen University and Research and Radboud University Nijmegen conduct research concerning participation and social aspects of recreational fishing, citizen science, catches and the harvesting of fish, fishstocks etc.

Motivation to host WRFC 9

Recreational fishing is the third largest sport in the Netherlands, just after soccer and tennis. Above the age of 45 it even is the sport with the highest participation. With a participation of 8% it is one of the country’s largest outdoor activities.

An important motivation to host the WRFC is that in the Netherlands research dedicated to recreational fishing concerning behaviour of fishermen as well as socioeconomic and social impact is only just developing. In terms of fish stocks, protecting and restocking, habitat restoration etc. there is research of all water bodies in the Netherlands. We face large challenges to protect recreational fishing opportunities in Europe as urbanization and nature restoration interests are more and more in conflict with our sport. Animal welfare and environmental issues also force us to develop and communicate codes of conduct for sport fishermen.

The WRFC in the Netherlands shall contribute to the ongoing discussing with all stakeholders involved about the importance and impact of recreational fisheries in this changing world. It will enhance collaboration between stakeholders and emphasize common interests. On top of that, it will initiate extra research on various aspects of recreational fishing.

Impact and chances
The impact of the above mentioned changes together with climate change, restoration projects as well as the globalization and the impact of dispersion of exotic species is investigated by many scientists. This conference is the place to get updated, discuss or present your results and talk about challenges and solutions in recreational fisheries.

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