World Recreational Fishing Conference Online

28 & 30 June 2021, the Netherlands

On 28 and 30 June 2021 the 9th edition of WRFC took place hosted by Sportvisserij Nederland. Due to the impossibility to travel, the event was completely Online. Especially Early Career Scientist were given to opportunity to present their work.

48 presenters from 17 countries, half of them being ECS, gave high quality presentations and 421 attendees from 48 countries participated in this informative event.

But the conference wasn’t only about content. It was a way to virtually meet colleagues, existing contacts but also new contacts. In total 740, one on one conversations took place in a total time of 20 hours and 25 minutes!

On this page you can find the presentations of the two Keynote speakers Ingrid van Putten and Johan Attby, as well as the link to the recordings of the conference and all other presentations.

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