World Recreational Fishing Conference 10

19 – 23 February 2023 in Melbourne, Australia

From 19 till 23 February 2023, the 10th World Recreation Fishing Conference will take place in Melbourne, Australia. It will be hosted by the Victorian Fisheries Authority. This is the only conference in the world where scientist from all over the world meet to exchange knowledge on all subjects involved in recreational fishing. It is organized every 3 years and always in a different country.

During WRFC Online the Scientific Board decided to give the hosting of WRFC 10 to the Victorian Fisheries Authority, Melbourne Australia. The ‘guys from down under’ came in the online closing session of monday and the opening session of wednesday to show their enthousiasm and to invite all participants of WRFC Online to come to Australia in 2023!

As soon as we have a link to their new WRFC 10 website you will find it here as well!

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